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Classes & Services

Master Handcrafting Skills in 3-day Intensive Workshops! >> more details >>

All Ages*>> Introductory Class Single Session Zen Weaving Session
Adults>> Advanced Classe One-Month Studio Pass
Children>> After School Kids Class Project Based Kids Classes Homeschoolers' Class
Other Services >> Birthday Parties Traveling Workshop Felting / Spinning Class

*Recommend ages 5 and up.
Call for an appointment at 212-722-2686 or just walk-in to see our facilities.

Gift Certificates Available

Single Session (2 hours x 1) -- $60.00

Zen Weaving Session (1 day) -- $90.00

2 Single Sessions (2 hours x 2) -- $110.00

Prices include the cost of material. Valid for one year.
Note: We will send you an e-mail with PDF Gift Certificare attachment shortly after your order placed.

*The SAORI decorated postal gift certificate is available upon request. (*shipping & handling fee apply) Please contact us.

Beginner Classes
Sit, relax, and let go.  Experience the SAORI way!

Introductory Class / Single Session Zen Weaving Session
$45 / 2-hour
plus cost of materials
$70 / 1-day
plus cost of materials
  • Experiment with ideas and materials in a 2 hour class.
  • Weave with a pre-set loom.
  • Take your creation home with you.
  • You may extend the hour to finish. Added $10 every 30 minutes.
  • Experiment with ideas and materials without a time limit.
  • Weave with a pre-set loom.
  • Take your creation home with you.
  • Express yourself in a fun and therapeutic atmosphere.

As the time goes by you will discover yourself through SAORI's free weaving.  Space is limited. Advance reservation is required. See ourGallery page.

Class Schedule & Studio Policies >>
Registration Form >>

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>> Washing Instruction for Your Woven SAORI Work (PDF) >>

Advanced Classes
Release and weave your potential creativity into warp & weft! You can weave your own project! Also try sewing with our sewing machine and SAORI clothing pattern!

Advanced Class A
2 hour x 4 sessions
Advanced Class B
2 hour x 8 sessions
Advanced Class C
2 hour x 12 sessions
Plus cost of materials
Plus cost of materials
Plus cost of materials
  • Learn to set up your own warp colors and finish 1 or 2 major projects such as clothing, bag, hat, etc..
  • Prerequisite: Beginner Class
  • Full payment in advance.
  • Completion in 6 weeks
  • Experiment more yarns, irregular warp setting without intention!
  • Sewing experience is not required. You can make SAORI clothing freely! Or make a tapestry?
  • Prerequisite: Beginner Class
  • Full payment in advance.
  • Completion in 12 weeks
  • Feel free to weave regulary. Your project ideas are never end!
  • Know more about SAORI's way deeply as you weave more and more.
  • Prerequisite: Beginner Class
  • Full payment in advance.
  • Completion in 16 weeks

Class Schedule & Studio Policies >>
Registration Form >>

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After School Kids Class

Our class provides a 'Do-It-Yourself' experience for children. It is a process-oriented program that empowers every child to create with confidence without the fear of making a mistake. In class children of different levels can learn together while pursuing their own individual projects with semi-private instruction and guidance. They will have opportunities to exhibit their works in one of our show.
We introduce new projecct based classes for younger artists. Call us for more information.

Growing Crafters (Ages 8-14)
Time  Choose from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for weekly class
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm (1.5 hr)
Pick 18 sessions during the Fall semester.
Cost $375 / 1.5 hr x 9 sessions
Cost of materials is included
Sibiling 2nd child 10% off
  • Guidance to set up simple warping process.
  • Introduce creative weaving and encourage the development of childrenfs manipulative skills by spinning and felting from natural fiber, dyeing, sewing, knitting and crochet.
  • Multiple projects with different durations and levels of expertise (such as belt, hat, poncho, bag. dress, pullover, jacket, tapestry) are chosen by the student.
  • Projects are made from scratch and include planning all stages and learning added skills needed to achieve the end piece.
  • Customized support based on children's levels.

Sprouting Weavers (Ages 5-14)
Class Our friendly staff introduces your child to the joys of weaving and unique projects from their woven art.  Shorter periods of sessions during Semester can be chosen according to a specific project. This class is a great idea for a birthday present too!
Time  1.5 hour per session
Make a reservation and pre-pay for loom reservation.
Class is available during our business hour. 
Projects & Cost
Rug Rag
Tapestry or Banner
Shrug or Poncho
1 session
2 sessions
2 sessions
2 sessions
2 sessions
2 sessions
3 sessions
4 sessions
4 sessions
$60 (weave on pre-set warp)
$100 (weave on pre-set warp)
$100 (weave on pre-set warp)
$140 (weave on pre-set warp)
$100 (Set your own warp) 
$130 (weave on pre-set warp)

$150 (Bring your used clothing)
$200 (Set your own warp)
$220 (Set your own warp)
  • Price includes all materials
  • To extend the session to finish work can be added by $ 40 per session.
  • No discount for siblings.

Homeschooler's Family Class
Time 11:00 am - 1:00 om (2 hour)
Choose one day for weekly classes
Cost $150 / 4 classes
Cost of materials is extra
Family members receive 10% off. (must take same classes)
  • Guidance to set up simple warping.
  • Introduce creative weaving and encourage developing manipulative skills by spinning and sewing to home schooling families.
  • Register in groups of 4 or more.
  • You may register and begin at any time. But space is limited. Please confirm the availability of the classes.
  • Recommend ages 8 and up.

Class Schedule & Studio Policies >>

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One-Month Studio Pass

$500 / 1-month   Plus cost of materials
  • Use the studio as your workshop by appointment.
  • Prerequisite: Advanced Class & warping skill.
  • Work on your own projects within a month.
  • This is not an instructional session.
  • Must have enough knowledge of technique and processes to begin developing independence. Prerequisite Advanced Class and warping skill.
  • Supportive guidance will encourage continued growth for becoming a SAORI instructor
  • May bring your own yarn with our permission.

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Cost of Materials

You can use various materials from our hundreds of yarn selections.
Cost of materials will be charged by weight.
Your art work is weighed when it's finished.

- Yarns, Fleeces or Fabric :   $5.00 /oz.

Students of Advanced Class B and C are allowed to try more interesting yarns including Japanese silk, cashmere, hand spun wool, natural dyed organic cotton, etc.

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Traveling Workshop

- Basic estimate for a 2-hour weaving workshop with an instructor, including 1 loom and all materials
- Hands-on demonstrations, various events and a small group class on-site

  • Equipment brought to your place.
  • Participants can take home their artwork depending on the type of event.
Charge Basic charge : $300 / 2 hours
(Incl. 1 instructor {1 loom + materials)
$100 / additional loom incl. materials
Extension Add $50/ loom for every 1-hour
Call for details.
Fare Plus tolls and parking if needed

Studio Policies >>

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Birthday Parties / Group Sessions

Weaving parties are a great way to introduce children and adult to creative expression. Handmade creations by your child and their friends make their party celebration extra special and unique!  We suggest 6 years old and up. Call for details.

  • 6 - 12 people
  • No food please
  • Take your artwork home.
  • Ask for large group. Alternate projects are available on request.
Charge Flat basic rate of $350 (2 hours) up to 6 people.
(Incl. instructor { up to 6 looms + materials)
7 to 12 people: Add $35 per person on basic rate.
Add $120 to extend 30 minutes
50% deposit required upon party/group reservation.
Ideas Birthday Party, Family Fun, Play Date, Home Schooling Group, Ladies Gathering
Play Group Activity, Office Team Build, School Trip

Sample felting projects for large group.

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Felting Classes
Nuno Felt Scarf Workshop
next class to be anounced through our mailing list: stay tuned...

This a perfect class for beginners who want to learn the felting process. The transformation of these natural fibers is magical! Using a lightweight silk fiber, you'll learn to make a one-of-a-kind scarf perfect for the summer, for cool weather or for any season for that matter!
Once you learn these simple techniques for making felted crafts you won't be able to stop!
A felted scarf made with your very own hands makes a great holiday gift or accessory to add to your winter wardrobe.

Fee: $130
Materials: silk chiffon, merino wool, silk fibers, and other unique fibers
You'll be working with water, so please bring a towel to wipe your hands. Some physical strength is required for pressing process.


Make Felted Slippers!


$165 included materials. Space is limited

How about hand felting your own slippers? Join this fun workshop.  Loop of the Loom invite Iona as an instructor for this popular workshop this year AGAIN!  This course will result in a pair of handmade felt slippers which will be felted around a template pattern shoe in your size. The template is for you to take home to make further pairs! If you have time, you can learn how to make a flower to adorn the fronts of your slippers as well!  All felt making materials are supplied, along with shoe pattern for you to keep afterwards.  You need only bring your ideas! This is special value!  Limited class size.
Call for reservation:  212-722-2686

Needle Felting Kawaii (cute) Animals
by appointments, class starts from 2 people 
$45 for 2 hour class (include fleece to finish the project, exclude tools) details, call Yukako


Loop of the Loom sells all felting materials and fleece.

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